Welcome to Bokaro Steel City College, Bokaro:    Admission for First List B.Ed Session - 2015-17 is going on.| Special Classes for Physics Hons. is going on.| BioTechnology Classes are going on |
Uploaded Details of Institution as per guidelines of ECR-NCTE 246th meeting held on 23rd-24th Nov-2017
 1.    Student Details
   a.  Download Student Details of B.Ed (2016-2018).
   b.  Download Student Details of B.Ed (2017-2019).
 2.    Details of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
   a.  Download Details of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of B.Ed.
 3.    Details of Newly and Revised appointed faculty
   a.  Download Details of Newly and Revised appointed faculty.
 4.    Details of Infrastructure and Instructional Facilities.
   a.  Download Details of Infrastructure and Instructional facilities with physical photographs.
 5.    Details of Management of the Institution
   a.  Download Details of Management of the Institution.
 6.    Latest Contact Details  and all kind of affidavits
   a.  Download Latest Contact Number, Mobile Number, E-mail-Id, Fax Number.
   b.  Download Details Online Affidavits as per NCTE Public Notice (MAS).